2018 Classes

Our incredible classes have something for everyone in a variety of skill levels.  Our instructors teach all over the world, including at the biggest beading events in the country.  Our cruise focuses on quality classes with innovative designers!

Full-Day and Half-Day Classes

One full-day class and one half-day workshop are included in the Bead Cruise Registration. 

Classes are held at the same time, so you may only choose one for each category. 

Kits are highly recommended for classes, kit prices are subject to change. Kits are purchased directly from instructors.  

Bonus Classes

Our instructors are offering two bonus class sessions.  You can purchase an extra class from section A and/or B for $55.00 each.  Students can pick one class per session. You must be registered as a Bead Cruise Participant to sign-up for the optional class.  

Skill levels
Intermediate - means you have taken other classes to learn the technique or have completed several projects on your own using the required technique. 

Advanced Beginner, experience with seed beads required - this means you know how to use a needle and thread to do basic beading stitches. 

Beginner/All skill levels - Whether this is your first class or you've been making jewelry for years, you'll enjoy these classes. 

Some projects are time-intensive and will not be finished during class.  Students are given detailed instructions and taught the skills needed to complete a project.   

Early Bird Registration opens May 8th.

General Registration opens May 11th. 

Full Day Classes

Jewel of the Seas

Instructor: Beki Haley

Skill Level: Intermediate/Advanced - MUST have a good working knowledge of CRAW

Technique: Hubble Stitch, CRAW, Netting, Modified Herringbone

Kit: $55

Class Description: Let your mind and creativity sail away on a warm Caribbean breeze as you capture a stunning Swarovski Navette stone in an intriguing Hubble Stitch bezel.  Added flashes of color with Modified Herringbone bezeled chatons and suspend them all from embellished CRAW.  This class if for the intermediate to advanced beader who is looking for a fun challenge that results in unique set of beadweaving skills. 


It's a Hippy Thing

Instructor: Kinga Nichols

Skill Level: All skill levels.

Technique: Bead embroidery

Kit: TBA

Class Description:  This is one of the happiest pieces I ever made. You simply can't look at this bracelet and mope. These colors will surely cheer you up even on the gloomiest day. The focal component is made by Stuart Abelman, glass artist extraordinaire. I designed the piece to best showcase his gorgeous cabochons without taking away from them. There are fun textures achieved by the use of shaped beads and dupioni silk.


By the Sea..By the Sea….By the Beautiful Sea!

Instructor: Tracy Stanley

Skill Level: All Skill Levels

Technique: Salt water etchings and metal embellishing.

Kit: $35 required materials kits

Class Description: Etching with harsh chemicals has never been my thing….although I loved the results, the toxic chemicals, clean up and disposal…yuck!  But then I was introduced to etching with salt water and I said….I’M IN!!  I think you will agree with me there is no reason to do it another way!

This class guide you through the process of etching metal using this saltwater process.  Learn a variety of ways to pattern your metal to create unique one of a kind patterns.  Once you have etched your piece of metal, learn a great technique for adding a bead embellishment.  This beautiful addition of the beads will take your piece from interesting to amazing!  

This is a class that all can be successful!  There is no need for any metal working experience to leave this class with an amazing piece.  The only thing to worry about is how addicting this process is!

Required Tools: 1- mason jar wide mouth quart size*, 2 C-batteries, assorted beads for embellishing, beading needle, fireline 6-8lb, bead mat or board.

The following tools we will be using in class.  I will bring a few of them for the class to share.  If you don’t want to wait bring your own.

Metal shears, plastic mallet, emery board file, metal hole punch, scissors, bench block
If you have special stamps rubber type stamps you want to use bring them along!
If you want to etch extra pieces bring some 24g copper or brass sheet metal.  I will have some extra pieces for sale in class

*There is a specific plastic container you can bring instead of the jar. It must be this style and size of container: Air-tight Plastic Container

Memory Lane Necklace

Instructor: Lisa Tururen

Skill Level: Advanced 

Technique: right angle weave, peyote, herringbone

Kit: TBA

Class Description:  Use a combination of stitches to create this long fun necklace that encases pictures of what you love most. All of the components are reversible and customized using either personal pictures, magazines, or colorful paper.

All of the components are reversible. Students can bring in photos and I will supply lots of choices with fabrics, scrapbooking paper, lace, etc.

Half Day Classes

Siren's Song

Instructor: Beki Haley

Skill level: All Skill Levels

Technique:  RAW, Embellished Fringe

Kit: $42

Class Description: Create two pendants at once!  Using two different mermaid cabochons you will create a fun and quick bezel out of pearls using right angle weave, then embellish each side slightly differently to create a unique look for each side.  This is a great technique that can be applied to many different sizes and shapes of cabochons.

The Bees Knees

Instructor: Kinga Nichols

Skill level: All skill levels. Patient and ambitious beginners are welcome.

Technique: Bead embroidery

Kit: TBA

Class Description:  During this class learn how to design around unusual shaped stones. The finished piece is angular, modern, highly unusual and really wearable. I have been making these types of pendants for years, and this is a culmination of all the things I learned from the previous versions. Very blingy, very textural and a show stopper for sure.


Mirage Bracelet

Instructor: Liisa Tururen

Skill level: Intermediate 

Technique: right angle weave and peyote

Kit: TBA

Description: Sparkling crystals on the tops and both sides are embellished with pearls. This bracelet is fun to look at from all angles. 

Students will learn how to bezel Swarovski chatons and connect them using a combination of peyote stitch and right-angle weave.


Let's Color It! Anyone Got a Pencil?

Instructor: Tracy Stanley

Skill Level: All

Technique: Metal Work

Kit: $20 required materials fee.

Instructor will send a list of optional materials you may want to bring to finish your pieces. There will be rivets, extra metal, jump rings and ear wires available for sale in class.

Class Description: Adding color to a piece has always intrigued me….but I am not someone that likes a lot of high tech fussing.  Using colored pencils is a great way to achieve unique one of a kind patterns to your pieces.  This class will take you back to your childhood….instead of paper…you will be coloring on metal! Create a fun pair of earrings or a pendant with your finished piece.

Optional Tools: 
I will be bring a limited amount of the following tools for the class to share.  If you want to bring your own, please do.

Metal shears, emery board file, metal hole punch, plastic mallet,  riveting hammer, bench block

Colored Pencils- Prismacolor is my favorite brand.  You can get these on Amazon.  I like the big 72 or larger boxes.  These give you so many choices in shading!  If you decide to bring your own, make sure you get the colored pencils...NOT the water colored ones!

Wings and Dreams Pendants

Instructor: Heather Powers

Skill level: All 

Technique: Polymer clay, metalwork

Kit: required materials fee $20.00, included supplies for two finished pendants and a collection of butterflies! 

Class Description: Explore creating custom patterns on polymer clay butterflies. Discover a fun faux ceramic painting technique for your clay creations. Cut and texture copper, stamp words and rivet your butterflies to your copper pendants. We'll create two finished pendants in class.  

Required Tools: Metal shears, bench block, ball peen hammer, wire cutters, small flat file, round and chain nose pliers, ruler and fine point Sharpie marker.  

All other tools and materials will be provided. 



Optional Class A

Three Wishes

Instructor: Beki Haley

Skill Level: Intermediate

Technique: Peyote; Right Angle Weave; Prismatic Right Angle Weave

Kit: $48

Class Description: Bezel a beautiful Swarovski base and then create a RAW and Peyote Embellished bottle using beautiful luminescent acrylic beads as the foundation. Dangle your beautiful bottle from an embellished Prismatic Right Angle Weave necklace. 

Required Tools: 

Welcome to the Jungle

Instructor: Heather Powers

Skill Level: All

Technique: Polymer clay

Kit: $15 required materials fee

Class Description: Let's get a little wild with a tropical dose of color. Learn two easy leaf designs that you'll apply to a variety of bead shapes. Color tips will be covered to stretch your design options. You'll leave with a collection of island inspired beads for your next jewelry project. 

Required Tools: acrylic rod and pasta machine


Optional Class B

Fair & Square Bracelet

Instructor: Liisa Turunen

Skill Level: Intermediate

Technique: peyote and right angle weave

Kit: $35, Includes: wheel beads, O beads, seed beads, clasp. Kit will be available in at least 3 colors.

Class Description: Graceful and sophisticated, this bracelet wears comfortably and has a lot of shimmer. A real statement piece with a blinged-out magnetic clasp.

Students will learn how to use peyote stitch to create square shapes; how to construct bezels to hold tiny crystal stones; how to attach the components together with a row of crystal hinges


SOLD OUT! Zeno, the Tiniest Fishie Bracelet

Instructor: Kinga Nichols

Skill Level: All 

Technique: bead embroidery

Kit: TBA

Class Description: Zeno is a ton of fun in a short time! A half day that is great for beginners and advanced bead embroiderers, as long as they don't mind having some lighthearted fun.  This class teaches how to incorporate leather cords into simple bead embroidery designs.

Graduated Byzantine Chain

Instructor: Tracy Stanley

Skill Level: All

Technique: Chain Maille

Kit: Copper kits - $35.00
Silver kits - Price will depend on the cost of silver.  Cost for these kits will be available in Feb. These will need to be ordered in advanced.

Class Description: The byzantine chain is one of the most beautiful of the chain mailles.  In this class you will learn to graduate this classic chain using jump rings from 14-18g and create an amazing bracelet. This is a chain you will never get tired of!  The Byzantine chain is called the Idiots chain because it will turn you into an idiot trying to figure it out yet any idiot can do it!  Come join me and chain…chain….chain!

Required Tools:  Chain nose & flat nose pliers (bent nose pliers can be used instead of one of these). Optional: jump ring opener ring