Bead Cruise 2020 Classes

Full-Day and Half-Day Classes

One full-day class and one half-day workshop are included in the Bead Cruise Registration. 

Classes are held at the same time, so you may only choose one for each category. 

Kits are highly recommended for classes, kit prices are subject to change. Kits are purchased directly from instructors.  

Bonus Classes

 Students can pick one class per session. You must be registered as a Bead Cruise Participant to sign-up for the optional class.  

Intermediate - means you have taken other classes to learn the technique or have completed several projects on your own using the required technique. 

Advanced Beginner -experience with seed beads required and familiar with the required stitches - this means you know how to use a needle and thread to do basic beading stitches required for the class . 

Beginner/All skill levels - Whether this is your first class or you've been making jewelry for years, you'll enjoy these classes. 

Some projects are time-intensive and will not be finished during class.  Students are given detailed instructions and taught the skills needed to complete a project.   

Full Day Classes


Mermaids Jewels

Instructor: Beki Haley

Skill Level: Intermediate

Technique: Peyote, Fringing, Spiral Rope

Kit: $68

Kit includes: Swarovski Rivoli, Chatons & Beads;  Czech Glass Beads; Miyuki Delicas; Size 11 Seed Beads, Size 15 Seed Beads; Clasp

Colorway shown in water and sea foliage colors - additional colorways will be available

Class Description: 

You'll create a structured yet organic looking necklace fit for the mermaid hiding inside of you!  Students will Learn peyote techniques for bezeling, fun fringing techniques, an organic undulating spiral rope technique, color placement will all combine to create this beautiful focal necklace.  .

Prerequisites: Basic beadweaving skills and the ability to work with size 15° seed beads is helpful.

Project will not be completed in class.


Seraphim Bracelet

Instructor: Sherry Serafini

Skill Level: Intermediate

Requirement: must know peyote stitch 

Technique: Peyote Stitch

Kit: $135

Class Description: 

 Create a color cuff using a variety of two hole beads that surround a peyote bezel. The bezel encases a gorgeous porcelain cabochon of your choice regardless of the kit color you choose. The cuff is on a metal blank that is flexible. This piece could easily be made into a pendant.

Zhuangzi's Butterfly - SOLD OUT

black moth.JPG

Instructor: Kinga Nichols

Skill Level: Advanced Beginner to Intermediate bead embroidery with peyote bezel.

Motivated beginners are absolutely welcome, with the understanding that the project will not be finished in class, and that it will require patience. Entirely doable, but you have to be patient.

Technique: bead embroidery, peyote Stitch


Kit: $105, please see note below


Class Description:  This is an all day long class, not for the faint of heart. While there are plenty of bead embroidery elements here, a lot of this project is good old fashioned stitching, sewing. The bracelet comes together from ten components most of which need to be finished individually before assembling the  bracelet. It is well worth the effort though, and really, all you need is patience, I will make the process easy peasy for you.

The name of the project has to do with Master Zhuang's dream:

orange moth.JPG

“Once upon a time, I, Chuang Chou, dreamt I was a butterfly, fluttering hither and thither, to all intents and purposes a butterfly. I was conscious only of my happiness as a butterfly, unaware that I was Chou. Soon I awaked, and there I was, veritably myself again. Now I do not know whether I was then a man dreaming I was a butterfly, or whether I am now a butterfly, dreaming I am a man.” 

Special Note for cruisers: This class will be personalized to your needs and wants. The original idea was for a bracelet butterfly, but I have been playing with turning the butterflies into necklaces, brooches, making them into moths. Your options will be either the original butterfly as seen here or, a butterfly/moth of your color choice. I have lots of fine fabric bits in all colors of the rainbow and if you give me a general idea about your favorite palette, I will gladly assemble a personalized kit just for you. The smaller class size on the cruise allows me to offer you a one of a kind design experience. I would however ask, that if you are new to bead embroidery, you are not sure about your skills improvising (based on descriptions of the original class project), that you stick to the original class project. You could complete the original butterfly as intended based on the instructions and in-class experience, and I will have additional butterfly/ moth materials available for your further explorations. 

For those who have done plenty other bead embroidery and are willing to improvise with materials selected just for them, I have some questions I would like you to answer in order for me to make the best possible little butterfly/moth bundles for you:

  • What color combo appeals to you most?

  • Do you prefer the shine of crystals or the glow of pearls? Both maybe?

  • Would you rather make a moth of a butterfly?

  • Do you like skulls at all? ( Crystal or carved, if you are making a moth, it would go on its thorax.)

  • Bracelet or necklace? Brooch maybe? 

  • Any additional thoughts and input?

    The images of the blue, orange and black moths are for ideas only. I don't have the same exact materials to make many kits in those colorways. If you really like either, something similar and equally awesome could be made up, but not exactly the same. 

    Please email your answers directly to me at, with your email's title 2020 Bead Cruise Butterfly Class.


Metal Connections

Instructor: Mary Hettsmansperger

Skill Level: All 

Technique: Metalwork: patinas, cold connections, hinges

Kit: $75 - material fee – covers all materials and tools needed for projects in class

Class Description: This workshop is developed for designers who would like to learn skills to make clasps, bead bezels, findings, bead cages and add metal to their beading or mixed media elements. Students will use both copper and some silver sheeting to learn to do basic metal techniques to add to their beading. Mary will provide prepared metal, wires, extra embellishments and other findings for all of the techniques.

Students are encouraged to bring their own beads, beadwork, glass focal beads and other items they like to use, to play with during the class. This class will be geared to each participant with fun projects and tons of techniques. Expect to go home with many earrings, necklaces, many easy and fun techniques and confidence to add metal to your already beautiful beadwork or artisan bead collection. Don’t worry if you don’t do beading, Mary will show you how to weave beads with wire and sheet metal like the designs in the first photo.

Samples shown with peyote beaded elements that were made independently and will not be covered in the class.

Copper sheet, some silver sheeting, embellishments and all the tools needed for the metal part of the class will be provided. No need to bring your heavy metalworking tools on the cruise!

Tools and materials students need to bring for class: All beading materials needed for the class – string, needles, beads, scissors etc. Mary will provide the rest.

Half Day Classes


Island Girl

Instructor: Beki Haley

Skill level: Advanced Beginner - some seed bead experience is required and ability to work with size 15 seed beads.

Prerequisites: Basic beadweaving skills and the ability to work with size 15° seed beads is helpful.

Technique:  Modified Netting

Kit: $46

Kit Includes: Swarovski Chatons; Czech Glass Pearls; Size 11 Seed Beads, Size 15 Seed Beads; Clasp

Class Description: Using a modified netting technique you will learn a fast and fun way to bezel Swarovski round stones!  We'll add even more layers to a few of the motifs to create a more embellished look.  Several color options will be available for this island themed bracelet/anklet - each one creating a different look! Students will Learn modified netting techniques for bezeling,  finishing techniques and color theory.

Project will not be completed in class.


Tupoc - SOLD OUT

Instructor: Sherry Serafini

Skill level: All Skill Levels

Technique: Embroidery

Kit: $120

Class Description: Tupoc is the Aztec word for Warrior or Messenger. Swarovski pearls, hand carved face, and Tierracast metals are all a part of this puzzle. A strong statement piece! Bead embroidered on two pieces and then put together with a metal piece sandwiched in between to create a necklace. May or may not be finished in class…..depends on how fast you feel like working!



Monastery Windows at Dusk - SOLD OUT

Instructor: Kinga Nichols

Skill level: Advanced beginner/Intermediate. Motivated, patient beginners are absolutely welcome.

Technique: bead embroidery

Kit: $105


Description:  This is the abbreviated version of the Monastery Windows at Dusk Bracelet. Since this class will only be 3 hours, we will focus on creating one component instead of the five shown on the bracelet, with the possibility of turning them into earrings or pendants. The kit will include all 5 to make the full bracelet of course, but I want to offer you the option of using the components as you wish. You will be working with dupioni silk, memory thread and a beautiful Anna Bronze component besides beads and Swarovski pearls and crystals. 



Ears to You!

Instructor: Mary Hettsmansperger

Skill Level: All 

Technique: metalwork

Kit: $60

Class Description: Be ready to make earrings!  Many designs, simple metal work, adding in your beads and more… Mary will bring prepared copper and some silver and students will make at least 6 pair of earrings in the ½ day class.  Wires, embellishment beads and other findings will all be provided. Bring your favorite beads to add to the earrings. Fun and fast paced, packed full of techniques and finished earrings.  No metalworking tools needed. Mary will bring all materials and tools needed for the class.

Materials and tools for students to bring: Any personal beads students want to bring to use in the earrings, jewelry pliers and wire cutters.

Class Schedule and Bonus Class Notes:

2/2, 9am - 4pm: Full day classes for Beki, Kinga and Sheri

2/3, 9am - 4pm: Full day class for Mary. Bonus class A with Marcia Balonis.

2/7, 9am - 12pm: 1/2 Day classes with Kinga, Mary. 1pm - 4pm: 1/2 Day classes with Beki and Sherry.

2/8, 9am - 12pm: Bonus classes B with Kinga, Cassandra and Mary. 1pm - 4pm: Bonus classes C with Sherry and Beki.

Bonus class A is a 6 hour class and costs $95. Please note this class takes place during Mary’s full day.

You can pick one from each bonus class section B and C. Each of these bonus classes are $55. 

Bonus Class A - $95


Split Personality - SOLD OUT

Instructor: Marcia Balonis

Skill Level: Advanced Beginner/Intermediate - must know peyote and basic bead embroidery.

Technique: Bead embroidery and bead weaving

Kit: $48-$62. Kit contains several sizes and colors of seed beads, Tea Cup beads, cabochon, Swarovski pearls, Candy beads, Mini Daggers and other accents.  Some variation of accent beads to work with different colors and cabochons.  Foundation, ultra-suede, and small tube E-6000.

Class Description: Combine a striking combination of bead embroidery and bead weaving with Hubble stitch to create a show-stopping asymmetrical bracelet. Instructions include herringbone toggle and loop pattern but other options will be discussed. This is a 6 hour class, project will not be finished during class.

Bonus Class B - $55


Relic Earrings

Instructor: Kinga Nichols

Skill Level: Advanced beginner/intermediate bead embroidery and peyote bezel knowledge helps, but motivated beginners are welcome.

Technique: Bead embroidery, peyote bezel

Kit: $95

Kit Includes: Custom coated German engraved cabochon; Beading foundation, Ultra Suede, Size 11 Seed Beads, Size 15 Seed Beads; TierraCast Spacers & Branch; Swarovski Bicones; Czech Glass Firepolish, Pearls, Pinch Beads & Etched Daggers.

Class Description: 3 hours class during which you will learn how to make this stunning set of earrings. The earwires are silver with cubic zirconias, the beads are 24 karat gold and the Swarovski crystals sparkle so.

Project may be completed in class.


Recycled and Cold Connected

Instructor: Mary Hettsmansperger

Skill Level: All

Technique: Metal Work

Kit: $55 required materials fee.

Class Description: 

Using a variety of tins and copper sheeting, students will design a necklace or a broach in the class time..

Mary will have the metal prepared with a variety of patinas.  Students will learn texturing, and metal applications.  Cold connections and assemblage will be covered. 

Mary Will supply all the metalworking tools needed for the class. Kits include 24 gauge copper sheeting, decorative tins, 26 gauge silver sheeting, findings and embellishments, all wires and cold connections

Required tools: bring jewelry pliers and wire cutters


Troupial Tail Feathers Necklace

Instructor: Cassandra Spicer

Skill level: All skill levels (needle and thread experience/Right Angle Weave would help prepare someone, but is not required if they are ambitious)

Technique: Right angle weave

Kit: TBA

Description:  When deciding on her project for the cruise, Cassandra wanted to capture the vibrant colors and free-spirited nature of the Caribbean. She also wanted to make sure that students felt successful. In this three hour class, diligent students will get several components done and be able to start stitching them together to start their necklace, or complete at least a pair of earrings.

Supplies/Tools Required: 10# Wildfire, Size 11 beading needle (preferably tulip), synthetic beeswax, beading mat or tray, sharp scissors, bead scoop

Bonus Class C - $55

Royal Crest

Instructor: Beki Haley

Skill Level: All skill levels

Prerequisites: Basic beadweaving skills and the ability to work with size 15° seed beads is helpful.

Technique: Modified Peyote, Peyote, Fringing

Kit: $38

Kit Includes: Custom Carved Sustainably Harvested Shell; Swarovski Chaton; Czech Glass Pearls; Miyuki Delicas; Size 11 Seed Beads, Size 15 Seed Beads; Leather; Clasp


Class Description: Learn the warped Peyote Square technique to create a lovely bail for this unique carved shell.  Then use Tubular Peyote that you will embellish with pearls and beads to create a bezel combined together to create the look of a Royal Crest. Students will Learn peyote/herringbone combination, peyote techniques for bezeling, embellishing techniques, a balanced attachment will combine to create this unique pendant.  

Project may be completed in class.

IMG_2279 2.jpg


Instructor: Sherry Serafini

Skill Level: Intermediate/advanced (please know Peyote stitch)

Technique: Peyote stitch

Kit: $135

Class Description: Nova is a lively necklace that utilizes peyote stitch around a wooden ring that raises up a lovely Czech dragonfly button that is surrounded by Swarvoski pearls. Gorgeous cup chain and tila beads surround the piece. A cool little Tierracast ring holds a small piece of batik fabric. Edged with Swarovski crystals and pearls!! A leather cord completes the piece. An artsy little neck adornment!