Bead Cruise 2019 Classes

Full-Day and Half-Day Classes

One full-day class and one half-day workshop are included in the Bead Cruise Registration. 

Classes are held at the same time, so you may only choose one for each category. 

Kits are highly recommended for classes, kit prices are subject to change. Kits are purchased directly from instructors.  

Bonus Classes

Our instructors are offering two bonus class sessions.  You can purchase an extra class from section A, B and/or C for $55.00 each.  Students can pick one class per session. You must be registered as a Bead Cruise Participant to sign-up for the optional class.  

Skill levels
Intermediate - means you have taken other classes to learn the technique or have completed several projects on your own using the required technique. 

Advanced Beginner, experience with seed beads required - this means you know how to use a needle and thread to do basic beading stitches. 

Beginner/All skill levels - Whether this is your first class or you've been making jewelry for years, you'll enjoy these classes. 

Some projects are time-intensive and will not be finished during class.  Students are given detailed instructions and taught the skills needed to complete a project.   

Dates for registration will be posted soon. 

Full Day Classes



Instructor: Beki Haley

Skill Level: Intermediate/Advanced 

Technique: Right Angle Weave

Kit: $68

Kit Includes: Swarovski Rivoli, Chatons & Pearls;  Size 11 Seed Beads, Size 15 Seed Beads; Czech Glass Pearls.

Class Description: 

Create beautiful flower bezels around Rivoli and Chatons that will sit perfectly upon a V-shaped center frame.  Then embellish a simple and very fun neckstrap with matching pearls.

Students will Learn: Variations on Right Angle Weave techniques for bezeling, structure and straps that will teach you how to incorporate various sizes of seed beads to create this beautiful focal necklace.  

Prerequisites: Basic beginner beadweaving skills helpful.

Project will not be completed in class.

IMG_3346 copy 2.JPG

Eden Bracelet

Instructor: Sherry Serafini

Skill Level: Intermediate/Advanced

Technique: Bead embroidery

Kit: $115

Class Description: 

 Bead embroidered project using a cool coin bead, triangles, piggy beads, drops and more to create a focal that will be your Garden of Eden on the center of a cuff. Moss stitches, backstitch, cup chain, brick stitch are all utilized.



Mystic Three Necklace

Instructor: Kim Stathis 

Skill Level: Intermediate/Advanced

Technique: Peyote Stitch

Kit: $130

Class Description: 

Three is a powerful number. It is a numeric symbol of universal significance.  Reference to the number three appears in many cultures, mythology and religions.  The number three is also important in regards to artistic creativity. There is something about three that works across all mediums, formats and sizes. Three balances, has a point of interest and brings symmetry to art. 

Using the idea of three to bring symmetry to the necklace design, three oval crystal stones are used to create the pendant for the necklace.  Each stone sits independently within a three tiered bezel.  The bezeled stones are connected together using an embellished three pearl component.  The necklace straps are made up of segments of beadwork attached together using the same pearl component that is part of the pendant to bring cohesiveness to the design.  A double attached pearl component is used for the necklace closure.  Peyote stitch is used to construct the design.


Hinges and Portholes

Instructor: Mary Hettsmansperger

Skill Level: All 

Technique: Metalwork: patinas, cold connections, hinges

Kit: $65

Class Description: 

Using pre-annealed copper sheeting, students will design a hinged locket.  Students may bring a personal photo, image or favorite paper to place in the locket, or use papers and images that Mary has selected.  Mica is used to protect the image and cold connections hold it in place.  Students will make one locket with a copper back and a sterling silver accent front and will have material to make more books and lockets using just the copper.  The focus of this class is to master the hinge using tabs to create a variety of moveable doors.  It is a low-tech process with fabulous results.  Students will make several different designs.

Required Tools: Hammer, bench block, needle nose pliers, bent Nose pliers, metal scissors or snips, wire cutters

Optional: texturing hammers

****I will bring some sharing tools to allow students to save weight if some do not with to carry all the tools

Half Day Classes



Instructor: Beki Haley

Skill level: All Skill Levels

Technique:  Herringbone and  Fringe

Kit: $29

Kit Includes: Size 11 Seed Beads, Size 15 Seed Beads; Czech Glass Daggers & Pinch Beads; Findings.

Several variations in colors and styles will be available. 

Class Description: 

Create fanciful earrings, pendants or fobs using this fun technique.  Many examples using Dagger Beads will be explored in class.  

Students will Learn: Herringbone and Fringing techniques, color play and balance, exploring adaptations for sizes and styles of beads.  This fun class is a perfect starting point for beginners as well as a fun way for more experienced beaders to explore variations in beadweaving.

Prerequisites: Must be breathing!

Project will be completed in class.

IMG_3345 copy.jpg

Jellyfish Necklace

Instructor: Sherry Serafini

Skill level: Intermediate/Advanced

Technique: Embroidery and brick stitch

Kit: $95

Class Description: 

 This funky piece can be a brooch or a pendant. You decide! A beautiful metal piece radiates ½ tila© beadsand cupchain. A lovely Annabronze bead capis also featured as are chains for fringe. 

Embroidery and brick stitch



Isosceles Bracelet

Instructor: Kim Stathis

Skill level: Intermediate 

Technique: Peyote stitch

Kit: $120


The bracelet is made up of tubular elongated isosceles triangles.  An isosceles triangle has two sides that are the same length with the third side of the triangle being a different length.  Each triangular unit is constructed using cylinder beads and is capped off with round crystals.  Seedbeads and pearls are used to embellish the body of the triangles.  The closure for the bracelet is a double set of embellished round crystals that snap to a bottom platform using sewn on snaps.



Cone Bracelets

Instructor: Mary Hettsmansperger

Skill Level: All

Technique: Metal Work

Kit: $38 required materials fee.

Class Description: 

Using copper that is pre-annealed and has unique patinas, students will make 3 bracelets.  The bracelets are all about shaping the metal into small cones creating a continuous bangle.  Students will learn about patinas.   Students should finish one bangle in class with the material to make 2 more later.

Required Tools: Hammer, bench block, needle nose pliers, metal scissors or snips, wire cutters
Instructor will  bring a limited amount of the following tools for the class to share.  If you want to bring your own, please do.Optional tools: texturing hammers

You can pick one from each bonus class sections A, B and C. Each bonus class is $55. 

Bonus Class A


Ophelia bracelet

Instructor: Sherry Serafini

Skill Level: Intermediate

Technique: Peyote stitch, backstich, brick stitch are all utilized.

Kit: $95

Class Description: 

Bead embroidered project using batik fabric as a back drop. Three separate components are created and then stitched to the batik which is further stitched to a metal base.


Mayan Goddess

Instructor: Beki Haley

Skill Level: All skill levels. Prerequisites: Basic beginner beadweaving skills helpful.

Technique: Peyote and fringing 

Kit: Kit Price: $42

Kit Includes: Custom coated German engraved cabochon; Beading foundation, Ultra Suede, Size 11 Seed Beads, Size 15 Seed Beads; TierraCast Spacers & Branch; Swarovski Bicones; Czech Glass Firepolish, Pearls, Pinch Beads & Etched Daggers.

Class Description: 

Capture a stunning German engraved glass cabochon in embellished Peyote and add sparkling fringe to finish off a simple but beautiful pendant that will hang gracefully from a TierraCast branch.  

Comprised of Peyote and Fringing techniques that will teach you how to incorporate various sizes of seed beads that can then be embellished in a myriad of ways.  

Project may be completed in class.

Bonus Class B


Looping Leaves, Cages and More!

Instructor: Mary Hettsmansperger

Skill Level: All 

Technique: wire work

Kit: $35.00 - Material fee 

Class Description: 

Using steel wire, and a thin wire to weave, students will create a layer of knotless netting in a leaf or pod shape.  A variety of colored wire along with copper and silver filled wire will be used in this weaving technique.  Students create their shape and either create a caged form or open technique to fit the frame.   Mary will also have some items to cage for the students.  Students will learn to leave areas open to create visual interest, add beads in the netting for embellishment and added texture and sculpt and form the netting for endless possibilities. Students should finish one in the class time, but will be given material to make more on their own time.

I supply all materials and tools for this class – However students may being beads and personal items, pebbles or small found items they want  to cage.

Required Tools: Mary will have sharing tools for the class and students need not worry about bringing extra tools – However if students have pliers, needle nose or bent nose, they may bring them so they do not have to share tools that are supplied. 


Marquise Bracelet

Instructor: Kim Stathis

Skill level: Intermediate 

Technique: Peyote stitch

Kit: $120


This bracelet is a perfect showcase for a unique and famous shape “the Marquise”.  The curving, oblong shape of a Marquise is flattering and distinctive.  This regal shape which originated in the court of King Louis XIV of France has stood the test of time! The center piece for the bracelet is a multi-tiered bezel which frames out and holds a Marquise crystal stone.  A richly textured and beautifully embellished bracelet band is connected to the center piece using loops of pearls.  The clasp is a metal channel slide clasp which provides a secure closure for the bracelet. 

Peyote stitch is used to construct the bracelet.

Bonus Class C


Instructor: Marcia Balonis

Skill Level: Intermediate

Technique: Off-loom bead weaving: layered vertical construction

Kit: $58 with basic tube clasp, other clasp options are available for an additional fee. Several colorways will be available. 

Class Description: Use a combination of  shaped beads in this lush and layered cuff bracelet design. Top off the design with 5mm Swarovski bi-cone crystals to add sparkle and dimension. 



Tropical Faux Tin

Instructor: Heather Powers

Skill Level: All 

Technique: Metal work

Kit: $25 materials fee includes prepared steel and copper sheets, all materials to create a collection of faux tin pieces and the findings for earrings and a pendant necklace.

Class Description: 

I love the look of upcycled jewelry from tins but finding tins can be a time-consuming and expensive venture so I decided to create my own. Learn how to prep and transfer images permanently to the metal. You'll learn how to create a super soft and wearable finish on the metal pieces. We'll use images from artist Victorian botanist and explorer Marianne North and make faux tin pendants, charms and bracelet cuffs to use in our jewelry.

You'll make a pendant and earrings before the end of class and leave with a handful of components to use in your designs.

Required tools: Shallow plastic container, metal shears, small metal file, metal hole punch (I will have a few in class to use), scissors, mechanical pencil, round nose and chain nose pliers and flush wire cutters.

Bring a soft, absorbent 100% cotton white washcloth from your cabin.