Our incredible classes have something for everyone: off-loom beading, wire-work, bead embroidery, metalwork and unique bead stringing projects.  Our instructors teach all over the world, including at the biggest beading events in the country.  Our cruise focuses on quality classes with innovative designers!Please read carefully:

One full-day class and one 1/2 day workshop are included in the Bead Cruise Registration.  Classes are held at the same time, so you may only choose one for each category.

Optional kits available, kit prices are subject to change. Kits are purchased directly from instructors.  Supply lists and purchasing information will be sent out in January.

Bonus Classes - Our instructors are offering two bonus class sessions.  You can purchase an extra class from section A and/or B for $55.00 each.  Students can pick one class per session. You must be registered as a Bead Cruise Participant to sign-up for the optional class.  

Skill levels:
Intermediate - means you have taken other classes to learn the technique or have completed several projects on your own using the required technique. 

Advanced Beginner, experience with seed beads required - this means you know how to use a needle and thread to do basic beading stitches. 

Beginner/All skill levels - Whether this is your first class or you've been making jewelry for years, you'll enjoy these classes. 

Some projects are time-intensive and will not be finished during class.  Students are given detailed instructions and taught the skills needed to complete a project. 

*Click on the images for a larger view and to see design alternatives.

If you registered before the new classes were posted and would like to switch after the new classes are up, email Becki with your new choices. 

Full Day Classes (6 hours)- Pick one


Instructor: Tracy Stanley

Technique: metal and seed beads

Full day class

Kit: $TBA

Open to all skill levels

A beach…a garden….the moon & the stars…what ever you like…..Your necklace can reflect a bit of your world!  Using a combination of metal texturing, stamping and riveting techniques you will create your own peek into what makes your heart sing.  After completing the metal work you will finish off your piece with some beautiful beaded fringe!

This project is the perfect project for those of you that want to explore metal work without abandoning your beads!

Even if you have never done metal work this is a great class for you!

Required tools:

Bench block, Hammer, Riveting or chasing hammer, Latex or rubber gloves, 4 pieces of paper towel

Optional tools:

Metal shears, Metal file, Plastic mallet, 2 hole twist hole punch, letter and decorative metal stamps, dimpling pliers- 1mm

small scissors 

Petals & Leaves
Instructor: Heather Powers

Technique: Metal Work
Skill: All Skill Levels

Kit:  $45.00

Let's add some color and texture to commercial brass blanks to create amazing pieces of jewelry inspired by the garden!  Students will learn how to texture metal with riveting and ball peen hammers and get my insider tips for painting with metal patina paints. Then we'll construct earrings, a bracelet and necklace using riveting and wire-working techniques.  Students will leave this class with an entire set of jewelry and few practice pieces. 


Island Jewels
Instructor: Beverly Herman
Technique: Bead Weaving, Cubic Right Angle Weave
Skill: Advanced Beginner, experience with seed beads required
Kit: $60.00

Create this fun bracelet using everyone’s new favorite stitch, Cubic Right Angle Weave.  Swarovski crystals and pearls sparkle throughout the design. Surface embellishments bring substance to the bangle. A ball and hitch clasp complete the design.

This project may not be complete in during class.


Autumn Dreams
Instructor Leslie Frazier

Technique: Bead weaving, combination herringbone and peyote
Skill: Advanced Beginner, experience with seed beads required
Kit: $50 to $70

A trio of oak leaves join to form a triangular centerpiece, accented with three charming bead-woven acorns.  The sculptural leaves are formed with a unique variation of herringbone stitch combined with peyote stitch.  The necklace is a fast version of spiraling herringbone, and is fastened with a fourth acorn. It's intermediate to advanced, using herringbone variations, peyote stitch, square stitch and round right-angle weave.

This project may not be complete in during class.


Instructor: Beki Haley
Technique: Combination netting, peyote and St. Peterburgs chain
Skill level: Intermediate/Advanced
Kit cost: $38.00 (for students only)

Description: In this fun new class you will bezel around SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS Chatons with Peyote stitch and then use a modified Peyote technique to make petals that bloom from each bezel to create lovely little Moonflowers.  Three variations of the flower are created with one being used to cover the hidden snap closure for the clasp.  The flowers are then placed upon a modified St. Petersburg chain to complete the necklace.  

Students will Learn: Adapt beadweaving stitches, adjust sizing, control tension as well as fun information about color placement to make your beadwork sparkle and shine! 

Project will not be completed in class.

Half Day Classes (3 hours)- Pick one

Tracy Stanley
Skill: All skill levels
Kit: $TBA

Earring…we can never have too many!  In this class you will have the chance to make 3 different styles using wire and metal work techniques.  The earrings you make will be embellished with crystals and fresh water pearls.

Kits will be available with a choice of ear wires or posts.

Required tools: Round nose, chain nose pliers, flush wire cutters , Chasing hammer, Bench block, Latex or rubber gloves, 3 pieces of paper towel.

Optional tools: Plastic mallet, Twist down hole punch, Metal file, Metal shears.


Cast Away Necklace
Instructor: Heather Powers
Technique: Metal Work/Wire Work
Skill: All Skill Levels
Kit: $35 

Learn how to create an urchin pendant from a metal!  You'll texture and shape a flat piece of metal into a stunning pendant.  Whip up faux beaded beads using a fun and simple wire-wrapping technique.  And then end the class by learning how to create a custom chain with shaped steel wire links and etched jump rings.  This is a great class to learn some basic techniques that you'll be able to adapt to your own designs again and again!

Students will learn everything they need to complete the necklace, it may be finished in class depending on your skill level.


Garden Gate

Instructor: Beverly Herman
Technique: Bead Weaving, fast peyote with surface embellishments.
Skill: Advanced Beginner, experience with seed beads required
Kit: $45.00

Unlock the secrets to weaving a trendy cuff bracelet with fast peyote. The finishing touches and surface embellishments are the key to this design.

This project may not be complete in during class.


Estrellita Pendant
Instructor: Leslie Frazier
Technique: Bead Weaving
Skill: Advanced Beginner, experience with seed beads required
Kit: $30

The Estrellita (little star) begins with a series of five tiny star shapes joined at the side points.  A 3mm bicone crystal forms the top point and when all five stars come together, the crystals sparkle at the center.  After the tiny stars are joined, longer points are added to each one, terminating with another crystal at each point.  A second layer of five tiny star shapes is woven into the large star shape, giving it a dimensional quality, and an 8mm bicone is woven into the center for even more sparkle. The star-shaped beadwoven bail allows the pendant to be worn with a ribbon, chain or necklace of your choice.


Dragons Tail

Instructor: Beki Haley
Technique: Bead Weaving
Skill Level: Beginner
Kit Cost: $60 (for students only)

Description: Create a sinuous and undulating necklace with various sizes of SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS Crystal Pearls and seed beads. You’ll learn how to create an endless number of patterns by adjusting the bead sizes as well as a useful beaded ball and loop clasp. Students will Learn: How to increase and decrease in tubular bead netting; explore color placement and finishing techniques to enhance your bead-weaving skills. 

Kit available in several colorways.

Project will not be completed in class.


Optional Classes A (3 hours) - $55 Additonal

Mantra Bracelet
Instructor: Tracy Stanley
Technique: metal, stamping and riveting.
All skill levels

Just put it on your wrist…your own personal mantra, words of encouragement….what the heck…your name if you feel like you might forget it!  To make this fun bracelet you will do some stamping…riveting…and then your attach your piece to a strip of leather and then attach a clasp.  You will leave this class sporting your new bracelet and wanting to make more!

Required Tools:
Bench block
Riveting or chasing hammer
Latex or rubber gloves
2 pieces of pater towels

Metal shears
Metal file
Plastic mallet
Twist down hole punch
Metal letter stamps


Sold Out
The Sand and Sea Crocheted Bangles

Instructor: Beverly Herman
Skill: Beginner/All skill levels
Technique:  Bead Crochet
Kit: $30 (Does not include crochet hook) The kit will include 6 different seed beads prestrung on a spool of Gutterman thread.

These lovely crocheted bracelets will remind you of the sand and sea
If you have the desire to learn Bead Crochet this class might be for you.
Learn the basics of bead crochet. The class will cover different types of crochet hooks and thread to use. You will learn how to incorporate Art Beads to join and complete your bracelet. Class size limited to 8.

This project may not be complete in during class.


Sonoma Vines
Instructor: Beki Haley

Skill Level: Intermediate

Technique: Diagonal peyote, herringbone and fringe techniques
Kit Cost is $32

Inspired by the glorious Sonoma County wine country colors, you’ll use diagonal Peyote stitch to create beautiful beaded leaves in a limitless array of colors and sizes then embellish with tendrils that are dripping with SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS Crystal Pearls and Crystal Beads all hanging wistfully off a herringbone base.  These earrings are quick to create so you’ll want to make several pairs in lots of other colorways.

Students will Learn: How to bead Diagonal Peyote, Herringbone and Fringing techniques as well as tension control.  Fun information on color placement and finishing techniques to enhance your bead-weaving skills.

This project may not be complete in during class.


Optional Classes B 

Cascading Leaves 

Instructor: Leslie Frazier
Skill:  Advanced Beginner, experience with seed beads required
Technique: Bead Weaving,  Herringbone and fringe.
4 hour class, optional class fee $65.
Kit fee: $50.00

Learn a new variation of herringbone stitch, as you weave up to five sizes of leaves, from the smallest, just over an inch, to the largest two-inch leaf. They are tapered at the tip, and cup dramatically. The leaves will be attached as the lariat is woven, creating a graceful leaf fringe at each end. The netted lariat features hundreds of 3mm faceted firepolished beads and drapes beautifully, irresistible to the touch. This monochromatic design has high impact without being heavy.  One end can be looped over the other, or the leaves can be interlaced with the netting.  While it's unlikely to be finished in one day, you will have a full understanding of all the information and skills necessary to complete this design.

This project may not be complete in during class.

Casandra Pendant

Instructor: Marcia Decoster
Kit cost: $55
3 hour class, optional class fee $55

Skill Level: Advanced Beginner - must have working knowledge of RAW*
Technique: Modified Right Angle Weave
*This is not a class for beginners, must have taken at least one RAW class or created several projects with this technique. 

Cassandra combines a medallion woven in right angle weave with a large pearl at its center to make an incredibly versatile component. Easily changed up by bead choices to a so ft romantic summer piece or a dark dramatic dressy piece. The medallions are joined together with a lacy bit of embellished beadwork. The wonderful pearl studded medallion can easily be used as a focal bead in a pendant or earring. Multiple medallions would create an excellent choker.  A silk ribbon will be provided in your kit and directions for a beaded rope will be included in your instructions.  

Triple Row Macrame Bracelet
Erin Siegel
Techniques: Macrame/Knotting
All Skill levels
Kit: $20 (Does not include artisan button.)

Learn to make a unique 3-row cuff macrame bracelet with Irish waxed linen cord, gemstone rounds and metal beads. Finish off your bracelet in beautiful style with a beaded loop and artisan button closure. Completely customize it and make it your own by choosing your own beads, cord color and artisan button! Bring your own button to class or choose from a variety that will be offered along with 6mm gemstone rounds, metal African trade beads and Irish waxed linen cord in an array of colors. You will learn a fun, new square knot technique to create three beaded rows for your bracelet and you will also learn how to make a knotted and beaded button loop closure. Some previous knotting experience helpful, but not necessary for this class.

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