2017 Kit Information

Each instructor is an independent business and accepts different methods of payment. 

Some require that kits are reserved prior to the cruise or allow payments before the cruise.

If there are color options available you'll be able to pick those out at the beginning of the classes.  

We recommend purchasing kits to guarantee that you'll have everything you need for your class project. If you need a supply list for your class, please email the instructor directly.  

*Prices listed are for students in class only.  

Review the information below carefully for required tools or extra materials needed for each class.

Heather Powers
Sweetest Song Kit $45
Sea Pod Polymer Clay $15

Payment: payment will be collected at the beginning of each class or you can pay online now: https://www.humblebeads.com/store

Tools needed for Sweetest Song class: 

Bench block, metal shears, metal hole punch, ball peen hammer, riveting hammer, metal files, round, chain and flat nose pliers, heavy duty wire cutters.

Tools needed for Sea Pod class: A scupting stylus, round and chain nose pliers and wire cutters.

Email Heather if you have any questions: humblearts@sbcglobal.net

Beverly Herman
Island Blooms: $65

Tools or Supplies not included in the kit:
6lb smoke Fireline, 10 or 12 short beading needle, beading surface, task light optional

Payment: pre-payments accepted or kits will be paid for in class. Credit cards and Paypal for pre-payments, onboard cash and checks are accepted. 

Due to limited quantities, extra kits will be available for non-students after the class has been taught. 

Email Beverly to reserve your kit, request a supply list or if you have any questions: bh121@cox.net

Beki Haley
Delilah: $83
Imperial Garden: $65
Trifecta: $38

All classes require:
8lb smoke Fireline
Size 11 Tulip needles
Sharp scissors
Beading surface
Task lamp

There is no need to reserve a kit Beki will bring plenty onboard. Beki will have Fireline and Tulip needles for sale. 

Payments accepted: credit cards, checks and cash.

Email Beki if you have any questions or need a supply list: DreamBeadr@aol.com

Jayashree Paramesh
Prancing Peacock Necklace: $95
Painted Lily Necklace: $35
Cobblestone Bracelet: $35


12 beading needles, beading mat, beading thread, fireline 6 lb test, wax, pen, reading glasses, scissors, task lamp, zappers.

Payments accepted: credit cards, checks and cash during class. 

Please email questions to Jay: jay@nchantme.com

Eva Sherman
Groovy Cuffs and Pendants: $50
Perfect Storm Wire Cuff: $25
Gypsy Woman Cuff: $25

Groovy Cuffs: Small pasta machine. 
Perfect Storm: Oval Steel bracelet mandrel, rawhide or plastic mallet
Gypsy Woman Cuff: Oval steel bracelet mandrel, steel block, rawhide or plastic mallet, chasing hammer

Payments accept: credit cards, checks and cash. 
If you have questions email Eva: evasherman@sbcglobal.net 

Gail Crosman Moore
Felting and Embellishing: $40
Peyote Ruffle: $50
Warped Squares: $30

Felting and Embellishing: shoebox size plastic container, scissors

Payments accept: preferred cash. Pay for kits during classes.  
If you have questions email Gail: gail@gailcrosmanmoore.com